"Without the workshop I wouldn't have realised that it is okay to be afraid and that it's the way you deal with your fears that really makes the difference."

– Alice, 20

Time to stop caring what other people think!

From Caring to Daring: 7-Day IDGAF Workshop contains 7 exercises to be completed during 7 days. These exercises are designed to make you more aware of your fears and what these fears are holding you back from doing in life. These exercises will also encourage you to act, not without fear but in spite of it.

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"This workshop really helped me see things more clearly. I kind of knew there were things I didn't do because of fear of judgment or failure, but this past week made me face the truth and set me on the path to improvement regarding those fears. It really helps to have a rational and practical approach to our irrational fears and behaviors! I really appreciated having guidance without any pressure. Thanks a lot Katrin!"

– Chloé, 33

"But I don't care what other people think. Is this workshop really for me?"

Perhaps you are one of the few people who really do not care about other people's opinions. If you are, congratulations! That is an amazing achievement. But even those of us who do our best not to care what people think, might have areas in life where we are held back by the fear of judgment, or perhaps the fear of failure. This workshop will help you tackle such fears as well, and not only those focused on other people's thoughts and opinions of you.

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"Just going through the seven day program, I did something I haven't dared to do for a long time. When I talked to that girl at the bus stop, it was really awkward but now I look back and tell myself "I did it." Now I know I can do it again. Thank you Katrin, you are a truly inspirational human being."

– Joshua, 25

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For only $59 you get full access to the entire From Caring to Daring: 7-Day IDGAF Workshop. You will be able to complete it at your own pace and do the exercises when you have time for it.

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Further questions?

Contact me at katrin@katrinberndt.com if you have any questions about the workshop. I will be very happy to help!


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