About me

During the past seven years, I have been growing my online presence. An effort that resulted in a full-time self-employment in 2015. Through the years my content has changed, as have I, so personal growth has always been the red thread that ties my years online together with a pretty knot.

My vision is to be in control of my own life and be mentally and physically healthy. As I embark on this journey for myself, I aspire to inspire growth and personal development in others as well. That is why I do what I do.

The main pillar of my business is my social media presence, but I am constantly looking for ways to develop my company and try new things. I am always up for exploring new opportunities and challenges to continue developing as a person and business. Who knows what's next?

On a more personal level...

I am 26 years old and live in a Swedish town called Motala, with my boyfriend Sonny and our puppy Menace.

Most of my life revolves around work, which is not uncommon when your hobby becomes your full-time job. But I do enjoy working out and spending time with family and friends in my free time. A glass of wine is usually a good idea!


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