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About Me

When you think 'life coach' I'm sure you imagine a Karen. But despite the fact that my hair is very Karen-esque right now, I promise my coaching is all Katrin. 

From aggressive confidence to mask my insecurities, nauseating jealousy, and generalized anxiety disorder to a life-changing journey of becoming a certified life coach. That's how I would summarize the past 8 years of my life.

"I shouldn't be feeling this way" and "I should be smart enough to figure this out" were two of my most common thoughts. Thought has lead me to seek help in many different places from many different people. Little did I know, the solution was within me all along.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are smart people, you and I. Just look at all we have accomplished so far! But I know what it's like to feel s-t-u-c-k. Stuck and unable to figure it out.

Okay, now what?

Book a 15-minute consult call with me and we will explore if coaching is a good fit for you!

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