Are Your YouTube Titles Performing to Satisfaction?

youtube 101 Sep 28, 2019

Watch: How to Successfully Title Your YouTube Videos

In today's episode of my YouTube 101 series, I go through video titles. Together with the thumbnail, your title is the most important factor in selling your content and attracting viewers. If you are not hitting those dream numbers quite yet, I recommend watching this video.

I cover the following types of titles;

Personal titles
Current titles
Evergreen titles
Diluted titles
Literal titles
Afterthought titles
Clickbait titles

Which work better? Which are worse? I recommend which titles to focus on at the beginning of your YouTuber journey and what titles to avoid at all costs. All these titles have pros and cons, but I want you to be aware of the tile type you are using, why you are using it and what results you can expect.

Download your free PDF case study here:

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