Who is the perfect K Club member?

Mar 18, 2020


Whenever you create something, it is important to know who you are creating it for. Not only does this allow you to narrow down your niche and really perfect your message, but it also allows you to filter out all the negativity and rejection you face from those who are not the ideal "consumer".

This has been especially important for me in the process of creating K Club. Being very clear on who it's for does not mean that I exclude anyone who does not fill these criteria but wants to join anyway. I welcome everyone with open arms. But I totally understand that it's not an offer that will appeal to every single person I come across.



K Club is for the 20-something woman who feels a desire to create a life for herself that she loves and can be proud of. She might feel intimidated by her own dreams and might struggle to believe that they will ever come true.

It's possible that she has struggled with various degrees of anxiety and maybe even depression in periods of her life, but she tries her best to be compassionate with herself whatever she is going through.

This woman has a curious nature and loves learning new things about the topics that interest her. Especially personal development! Perhaps there is a little bit of scepticism around some of the ideas and concepts out there but she is willing to give them a chance! Who knows what trying new things can lead to?

Even though the perfect K Club member might have some really close friends, she doesn't spend a lot of time with them doing social activities. She much prefers chatting online and tagging her friends in funny memes on Instagram.



As a member of K Club, you gain a new, unique community of people in your life who are there to grow together. We come together to explore new ways of thinking, new habits and thoughts that might lead to new results, and most importantly, we try and fail with encouragement and support to back us up.

During the weekly livestreams, we get together and we discuss our ups and downs of the week. We share our struggles with the weekly exercises and the wins we experience when something goes really well.

There will also be opportunities for the members to host live workshops during the weeks. The point of these workshops is for the members to get together and get to know each other. You can also work on the weekly exercises together at the same time.

Embarking on a journey of self-improvement together with a whole group of people who are on the same journey is very empowering and inspiring. Even if our journeys are all personal and slightly different, we can relate to what the other members are going through in a way that friends and family might not.

K Club does not replace any current relationships in your life. But it is a wonderful addition of new people who will have your back when you dare to try.



You coming?

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