Who Should Find Your Videos Interesting?

youtube 101 Oct 17, 2019

Watch: How to Make Interesting YouTube Videos

This week's episode of YouTube 101 is all about mindset. The mindset of a YouTuber, to be more specific. I know a lot of you guys think:

"I want to make YouTube videos, but I'm afraid no one will find my videos interesting"

I can understand this fear,...

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5 Common YouTuber Mistakes

youtube 101 Oct 06, 2019

Watch: How Do I Grow My Channel? • 5 Common YouTuber Mistakes

In this week’s episode of YouTube 101 I talk about very common mistakes made by beginner YouTubers. But don’t feel discouraged, they are all easily fixed with a little mindset shift.

I know I have made most of these...

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Are Your YouTube Titles Performing to Satisfaction?

youtube 101 Sep 28, 2019

Watch: How to Successfully Title Your YouTube Videos

In today's episode of my YouTube 101 series, I go through video titles. Together with the thumbnail, your title is the most important factor in selling your content and attracting viewers. If you are not hitting those dream...

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7 Ways to Up Your YouTube Thumbnail Game

youtube 101 Sep 20, 2019

Watch: 7 Ways to Up Your YouTube Thumbnail Game

Welcome to the first episode of my new YouTuber 101 series. My goal is to help beginner and intermediate YouTubers up their game and improve their channels. Or perhaps to even dare to create a channel, to begin with.

In this first episode, I...

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