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A gym membership is great for physical health, but it's time to get that brain in shape!

K Club is a membership group for women who...

A gym membership is great for physical health, but it's time to get that brain in shape!


K Club is a membership group for women who...

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...and lack the motivation to get unstuck on their own.

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...of living their best lives even when things get tough.

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...of like minded people online who get them.

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Let's Grow Together

My passion for personal development dates back to my first few years as an adult. I started facing one struggle after the other, things I had never come in contact with as a child. This passion has grown since then and has always been a red thread on all my social media.

At the end of March, 2020, I will embark on a journey towards becoming a certified life coach. There is not a doubt in my mind that this is my true calling and always has been. I want to help people uplevel their lives!

This is how K Club was born. I want to gather like minded people who have the same passion for personal development as I do, and together grow and learn new things that ultimately will improve our lives.

Ready to become the next version of yourself?

"I love the fact that even with topics we do not know much about, everyone can join and chat. It feels like a great community and a safe place to learn. I love the livestreams and I love the fact that everyone is participating."

- Christelle, 33, Glasgow


be guided through weekly exercises that will help give you a new perspective on your thoughts, habits, and actions. Ultimately, I want you to create the results for yourself that you truly desire.


Here are some of the topics we will cover together:

Priorities & Life Assessments

On a regular basis we will check in on our priorities in life and how well our daily actions align. What areas need the most improvement?

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Stop Caring What People Think

So much of our lives is spent worrying about what people will think. Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all.

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Trying New Habits

Ever considered trying new daily habits such as journaling, meditation or maybe even cold showers? In K Club we try new habits together and keep each other accountable.

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The Power of Our Thoughts

A lot of the topics in K Club will be thought focus. What we think ultimately affects how we feel, act, and the results we see in our lives.

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"If anyone is on the fence about joining, why not take a chance? I was in a place where it was difficult for me to find the motivation to try new things, and with K Club I’ve found a way to put myself first and do things that make me feel better."

- Helena, 24, London

Here's How K Club Works

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Blog Post

Who is the perfect K Club member?

Mar 18, 2020

Hi! I'm Katrin.

Perhaps you follow me on social media, perhaps you have no clue who I am. I think you're awesome either way.

You have clicked onto this site to read about K Club and what I have to offer and I believe there is something inside of you that made you do that.

That something might be just what I am looking for.

If you relate to feeling stuck, or unhappy about your life situation and feel like you have no tools to change, then K Club is for you. Trust me, I have been there. But as I started applying the tools I have learned through the years, I felt my power return.

Learning to take responsibility for your own life, your own actions, thoughts, emotions, and results is the most empowering thing I have experienced so far.

Now I can't wait to share these insights with you!

Are you coming?

- Katrin

Frequently Asked Questions

What other K Club members are saying...

Since I joined K Club I started to do some work and fun projects I would have refused in the past because of my fears and lack of confidence. I have been also working on some independent projects. I am still learning that I don’t need everything to be perfect to produce something good but I feel like I am getting there. I am in a very creative time in my life and in some ways I can say K Club has been part of that creative journey. – Christelle, 33, Glasgow

I've become more curious and excited about trying new things and more willing to just give things a go, even if I'm not at all convinced that something will work for me. I've become more open to the idea that not everything I try has to become a new habit or something I do for the rest of my life and that it's okay to dip your toes into multiple things and just see how they make you feel.
– Anna-Leena, 31, Manchester

My favorite aspect about K Club is that you can put as much or as little time as you can afford into it. If you’re really into the weekly exercise and you want to explore it more, that’s great! If you’re super busy and can’t make time for an exercise, that’s okay too. – Helena, 24, London

K Club has helped me look at certain things in my life and help make them in to a positive experience, and help me grow mentally every day. – David, 38, Hollywood

Are you ready to take life into your own hands?

I, together with the other members of K Club, can't wait to welcome you into the gang with open arms.

The overall monthly value of the K Club package exceeds $1500, but I knew from day 1 that I wanted it to be affordable for my people. So for $20 per month you get access to all features listed on this page and I am very proud to offer it to you at that price!

I know, most people might not have $20 just laying around waiting to be spent. But if this is truly something you feel passionate about, look at it as trading one value for another. Maybe there are things you can move down the priority list if you want to give K Club a go!

See you on the inside!



  • Weekly topics
  • Weekly exercises
  • 2 weekly live hangouts
  • Exclusive online community
  • Priority access to one-on-one coaching
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