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You don't need that magic pill to solve your problems.

I know you want to look into the future and see that everything turns out okay. I know you want a magic pill that gives you motivation and makes you happy.

I can't give you that magic pill...

...but I can give you something better.

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As your coach, it's never my job to tell you what to do or decide for you what the best alternative is. My job is to help you figure that out for yourself.

I will ask you questions and present you with tools to become more aware of your mind, and the impact your thoughts have on your overall life experience.

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What's possible...

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"I wanted to take a moment to genuinely thank Katrin! We had a coaching session 2 or 3 weeks ago about me being stuck at uni. It really helped me change my outlook and when she was coaching me I described my ideal outcome as a 25/30 on my exam. I just finished the exam and professors gave me a 27/30!!!! It was the highest grade of the day and I'm usually really bad at oral exams. I know that actually passing the exam was all me, but thank you Katrin for helping me get in a position to do so!"

– Matilde C

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