Who is the perfect K Club member?

Mar 18, 2020


Whenever you create something, it is important to know who you are creating it for. Not only does this allow you to narrow down your niche and really perfect your message, but it also allows you to filter out all the negativity and rejection you face from those who are not the ideal "consumer".

This has been especially important for me in the process of creating K Club. Being very clear on who it's for does not mean that I exclude anyone who does not fill these criteria but wants to join anyway. I welcome everyone with open arms. But I totally understand that it's not an offer that will appeal to every single person I come across.



K Club is for the 20-something woman who feels a desire to create a life for herself that she loves and can be proud of. She might feel intimidated by her own dreams and might struggle to believe that they will ever come true.

It's possible that she has struggled with various degrees of anxiety and maybe even depression in...

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The Thought That Stopped Me From Doing Laundry

Mar 07, 2020

This week I wanted to give you some insight into my personal development work that has levelled up a lot since I started my life coach certification journey.

I am my first client after all!

So I use this thing called "The Self-Coaching Model", which is a model you use to basically solve any problem in your life. The components of the model are Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results, in that order.

Circumstances are neutral and don't include any opinions or descriptive words (things like the past and other people's actions are circumstances), thoughts are sentences in our mind about the circumstances, our thoughts cause our feelings that drive our actions that give us our results. This is a very quick run-through of the Model, but I need you to understand the basics to follow along.

For every "model" that you do, you need to pick a circumstance, a thought, a feeling, an action, or result, and based the model on that. It's important not to mix...

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